Concrete Contractors

We get asked all the time for our recommended concrete contractors in the Central Florida area. This is a list of concrete contractors that we work with and do good work. If you are looking for help on your project, please feel confident in calling anyone on this list. Make sure you tell them Kennedy sent ya! Please let us know you have any questions.


Orlando’s Best Concrete
Specialty: Concrete
Location: Orlando
Tim: (407)267-6145

Ron Hodges
Specialty: Concrete
Location: Orlando/Lake Mary
Ron: (407)947-8843

Jack Evans
Specialty: Small Pours
Location: Orlando
Jack: (407)766-1527

Let Brice Do It
Specialty: Small Pours/Pavers
Location: Greater Orlando
Brice: (321)356-6120

Layrite Masonry
Specialty: Small Pours/ Masonry
Location: Anywhere
Andy: (321)229-2813

ACCG, Inc.
Specialty: Commercial concrete, residential concrete, demolition and renovation/remodeling contractor
Location: Primarily Central Florida
Earl: (321)363-6005

Chicanos Concrete
Specialty: Everything
Location: Anywhere
Joe: (407)952-5061

Lorenzo’s Concrete
Specialty: Flatwork and Masonry
Location: Anywhere
Lorenzo: (352)434-5041

Six A Construction
Specialty: Everything
Location: Osceola County
Sig: (407)312-7119


Bruscha Pumping
Specialty: Trailer Pump
Location: Anywhere

Ready Equipment Svcs
Specialty: Trailer/ Boom Pump
Location: Anywhere

C&C Pumping Groveland
Specialty: Boom Pump
Location: Anywhere


Brooks Ferrante
General Manager, Kennedy Concrete
1406 Atlanta Avenue, Orlando, FL, 32806
Dispatch: (407) 872-0782
Email: brooksc.ferrante@cemex.com