Are you in the market for gunite or shotcrete for your next residential or commercial project? Are you looking to build a pool in your backyard or perhaps build a large sculpture or a commercial project?

The art of spraying concrete is typically used for residential pools where concrete is hard to pour on vertical surfaces, or for rock structures and sculptures for commercial use.

Shotcrete is a method of applying concrete to areas using wet concrete projected at high velocity by air to the surface where you need it.

Gunite, on the other hand, is dry concrete projected at high velocity by water.

Both techniques achieve the same end result for the customer.

Customers looking for a product such as gunite are usually unaware that they can use shotcrete to obtain the same result with less lead time.

Lead time for gunite can take up to 3 months for gunite, but shotcrete at Kennedy Concrete is available as soon as you need it!

Here at Kennedy, we’re masters of our craft and we use shotcrete every day for residential and commercial projects!